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Window Cleaning

Pure Water Window Cleaning provides a professional and reliable all year-round window cleaning service.

This revolutionary method removes the need to climb ladders on a daily basis therefore reducing the associated risk of injury from falls.
Our business is a advocate of this system and we actively promote safe window cleaning.


How does pure water leave windows streak, smear, and spot free?

The end product of the reverse osmosis process is water that has been completely stripped of all the natural minerals commonly found in city water, including any additives that may have been added during the water treatment process.

Reverse osmosis water acts as a natural and eco-friendly cleaning agent. With all the impurities removed, it will absorb dirt and grime while breaking down any other deposits such as bird mess. 

Using a water fed pole to clean a window is the safe alternative to traditional ladder methods.

Flow can be controlled and pure water is pumped through a microbore hose up carbon fibre poles to special window cleaning brushes. Frames and sills are cleaned first and then the glass. Once all the dirt is removed the glass is given a final rinse and windows are then left to dry naturally without the need to squeegee. 


- Leaves windows, frames and mullions cleaner than with a squeegee
- Removes more dirt from grooves on window frames
- Reaches windows in places too dangerous to put a ladder
- Removes the need for ladders, keeping workers safer
- Cuts cleaning time in half
- No chemicals or soaps to damage property